“Innovative for person and public.”

In 2003 I, Tineke Otter, decided to start my own company. I am an enthusiastic and result-oriented mediator and coach. I passionately and energetically work to make this world a little better.

A generalist in the social field

I have worked for many social organisations, with safety, living, healthcare, education and sustainability themes continuously intriguing me. I believe the life of individual and society is made up of many aspects. If someone is ill, it impacts all fronts; healing merely one symptom may not eliminate all underlying causes. It has taught me to evaluate a situation from all perspectives and develop an integral approach.

With my societal drive, I have collaborated in many concepts that have improved our society. I list a couple below.
– Incubated ‘Victim support Institution’
– Developing a neighbourhood from a child’s perspective
– Core strength methodology
– 3D-empowerement
– Spruitgaaf

Professional and result-oriented

My education has developed parallel to the work that I have done. From police training, social work, corporate science, marketing and mediation. My expertise and interest is focussed on the combining social, corporate and emotional matters. Whatever the inquisition may be, it is important to make myself redundant in the end. It leads to intriguing new perspectives to move forward.

Wijkinzicht Foundation

My societal drive is best reflected in the foundation Wijkinzicht of which I am the chairman. With a group of other societally driven professionals we come up with projects to empower society through the vision and perspective of a child. Interested? Take a look at www.wijkinzicht.nl

‘Employment Counter’

Assistance with all questions regarding entrepreneurship and employment.

Information and advice

Are you experiencing troubles with your employer, in finding work or with a governmental institution? Are you doubting if a complaint, process or other support is useful? Are you running a dead-end with regular institutions such as social counsellors or the social neighbourhood team? Call or e-mail without any obligation.

Additionally I am involved in
– ‘Neighborhood Mediation’ region Lingewaard-Overbetuwe as a volunteer
– ONS – Entrepreneurs Network Schuytgraaf.