“Conflicts – Solving together with peace and focus.”

Are you facing a conflict with someone or an organization and are you stuck?

With a mediator you find a solution with which you are all content. With mediation skills, a mediator breaks tensions and ensures that the other party sincerely listens to you.

Finding a way out together respectfully. Listening without judgement. Inquiring until the core issue surfaces. Connective communication. Those are the core principles that you will encounter in my approach.

The steps to solve the conflict

  1. Acquaintance and confirmation of agreement
  2. Determining the location; in-z offices or a differing neutral location
  3. Separate intake conversations
  4. Joint mediating conversations (on average 3-5 sessions)
  5. Closing session: the solutions will be documented in an agreement

Your signature will ensure you can move forward into your future

A mediator ensures mutual understanding is improved and clear agreements are reached.

Types of conflicts

Mediation in Criminal Matters, for example if a declaration has been made.

If you are unwillingly part of a conflict, you can only come to peace once you have control over the case. However straining this may seem.

Are you a victim, suspect or culprit? Are you questioning how it could have happened? Do you want to share how it has affected you? Would you like to apologize?

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For mediation in criminal matters the mediator first ensures the culprit is willing to take responsibility for the (immaterial) damage that has been sustained. From experience it is known that a conversation with the culprit can really lead to recovery. I collaborated in establishing conversations between declarants and suspects within our justice system. Most people find it incredibly daunting to approach such a conversation, and I find that very understandable. Yet I have never encountered anyone regretting it. Contacting me is possible in various ways, call or e-mail me without any obligation and we can explore together if mediation is for you.


Conflicts in employment or with an employer

Do you have a labour dispute? Has the working atmosphere changed or are things not running smoothly with your new supervisor? Are you being bullied, do you not feel appreciated or are you maybe physically ill as a result? Does the company doctor advise labour mediation?

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Everyone has their own perceptions and beliefs. When working together this can raise tensions. I am an acknowledged labour mediator and have guided a multitude of labour disputes regarding illness, dismissal, cooperation or company accidents. Before becoming a mediator I helped solve many organisation quests as corporate (social) consultant and change manager, in administrative conflicts, mergers and logged projects. Call or e-mail me without any obligation and we can explore together if mediation is for you.


Conflicts in family, with an authority or a team

There are so many places where a conflict can arise. At home, at school, in the neighbourhood or at work. With family, authorities, friends, colleagues or customers. When finding recreation in music, dance or sports. When offering help to neighbours, as a volunteer or requiring help for yourself, your child or a family member. You are hurt, angered or misunderstood. Disagreement or anger can escalate into an argument or a conflict. You believe you are fully within your right or are struggling with the situation. In many conflicts, besides the conflict or legal question; broken trust, miscommunication and divergent expectations are involved. That means more than the law is required to solve the conflict.

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You say and do things that worsens the situation or that you regret. With our current legal system the judge can merely make a decision for or against a party based on the law. Being right does not mean you are judged as so, and a judgement is not always just. Especially not when parties are likely to encounter again after the judgement, for example family, relatives, colleagues, corporate partners, clients or neighbours. My role is to support you and encourage clarity. Perhaps you wish to first solve the issue with professional support and mediation? In short; less procedures, more solutions. Call or e-mail me without any obligation and we can explore together if mediation is for you.


With almost every mediation there is a magical moment that leads to a different perception and solutions that you had been able to think of previously. Leading this process, ensuring everyone is content, is what I enjoy most.

The costs

Usually the cost is split. I handle commercial (140 Euro per hour) and social (100 Euro per hour) rates. Ask your insurance if these costs will be covered. Mediation in criminal matters instigated through the mediation agency of the court are covered by the Legal Aid Board.

I am an ADR and MfN register- and courtmediator. Are you looking for peace and focus?

Call or e-mail me without any obligation and we can explore together if mediation is for you.