“How do you achieve that? Being happy?”

Would you like to improve your cooperative skills? Are you looking for a study or a job? Do you want to learn how to deal with that troubling colleague better? Do you want to be more assertive or learn to bite your tongue more frequently? Would you like to feel happy (again), change and don’t know how? There’s a high chance that you have ‘temporarily’ lost the way to your own talent.

Many people have forgotten to work based on what makes you happy; what brings you warmth or puts you to action. This is what we call reaction based on your core purpose. I am a thorough and driven professional coach. Together and on your own we will discover the right path. By giving you insight into your own mannerisms, you will come closer to your core purpose and the solution of realizing your dreams.

Enthusiastic, clear and supportive. Encourages to reflect to gain different perspectives. Integral and sharp, pushes through to the core. Those are the core factors that you will find in my approach. My approach is positive and tailor-made.

Individual coaching

I want to be more assertive.
People think I show too little emotion.
How do I juggle all of these things?
– Assertiveness
– Confidence

Management coaching

I am a specialist in social organisations. You organize, you communicate with the employees, you work incredibly hard, yet you can not manage to get action going.

Career coaching

Team coaching

Connective and thorough. From high to low, small to large – it doesn’t matter. As long as you are working with and for society. With high energy and guts we will get to work. I guide logged ships that can’t change direction with a sharp course. I guarantee applied thorough experience of management and directive troubles.

Living the dream.

Dreams will no longer be postponed. Pluck up the courage and take your first step to make them a reality today. Step by step we will transfer your dreams into a (personalized) compass.

Everyone has qualities that make him or her unique. It’s about discovering what makes you unique, what drives you. What gives you energy and that is what you are naturally good at.

With in-z coaching you will find what you are naturally good at. You learn to employ this powerfully. The intake is always free, so that we can both explore if in-z coaching is suitable for you. Call or e-mail without any obligation to make an appointment.