Welcome to in-z

“Innovative for person and public.”

Are you struggling with a question, problem or conflict? Solve it with mediation. Are you hitting a dead-end in your work, with your organisation, family or customer? Don’t keep it in, because in-z coaching, is here for you.

Are you searching for a powerful mediator, coach or trainer? Would you like peace of mind, to change communication or organisation?

In a surprising creative and result-oriented manner you will learn to take on the conflict or question.

I am focused to get people in action, in order to take control of a situation and move forward. You can come to me for advice, support, help and conciliation.

Making the world a better place, that is what drives me, Tineke Otter.
It gives me energy.
It inspires and motivates me. That expresses itself in all fields. With mediation, coaching and training. In trajectories I walk along, reflect and support with respect.